A small parcel that weighs less than two kilograms, the sum of the length, width and height of the outer package is less than 90 cm, and the longest side is less than 60 cm. It can be called an international parcel sent abroad through the postal air mail service. International packages are divided into two types: normal air mail (non registered) and registered airmail. The former has a low rate, and the postal service does not provide tracking and query services. The latter has a slightly higher rate, and can provide online tracking and query services. At present, common international packet service channels include: China Post packet (including EUB), Singapore Post packet, Hongkong Post packet, Netherlands packet, Switzerland packet, Russia packet, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of international small package


1) Low cost. Compared with other transportation modes (such as EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc.), international small package services have absolute price advantages. Adopting this delivery method can minimize the cost and enhance the price competitiveness;

2) Simplicity. The international small package is easy to deliver and send, and the billing method is globally unified, regardless of the first weight and continued weight, which greatly simplifies the freight accounting and cost control;

3) Globalization. International packets can deliver products to customers in almost any country or region in the world. They can be reached wherever there is a post office, greatly expanding the market space of foreign trade sellers;

4) High customs clearance efficiency. As Hong Kong is a free port, there has never been any customs detention;

5) Sensitive products and services. According to the business conditions of the company, it can provide customers with the delivery of sensitive products;

6) Applicable to a wide range of goods. Generally, there are no special restrictions, except for international contraband.


1) The small package is cheap, easy to be damaged during delivery, and the customer's praise rate is low;

2) Period is too long.

3) The operation is slightly slow.

4) Strong interference.

Service advantages

Focus on providing logistics supply chain for cross-border e-commerce sellers

  • Customized services to ensure security

    Provide customized services for special goods and special addresses to ensure smooth cargo transportation and safe customs clearance

  • Self developed system, self tracking

    Independently researched and developed the logistics operating system, which is deeply customized and optimized according to customer needs. Customers can query prices by themselves, place orders with one click, and track the transportation status of goods throughout the process

  • Diversified products, cost-effective

    Multi channel and multi region to meet the needs of market customers and provide cost-effective logistics products; Professional service, safety and efficiency

  • First line contract, space guarantee

    Signing high-quality contracts directly with strong shipping companies can ensure the stability of shipping space even in the peak logistics season, and the price is locked. Customers do not need to worry about losing cabinets or getting high-quality shipping space